Rudofsky, Bernard
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Biographical Note

1905 Born April 13.

1922-28 Attends Technological University, Vienna.

1928 Receives masters in architecture and English.

1928-29 Works in office of Professor O.R. Salvisberg, Dean, School of
Architecture, Berlin.

1930-31 Associate of Professor S. Theiss, Dean, School of Architecture,

1931 Receives doctorate.

1932-35 Ghost architect for national competitions, Capri, Naples.

1935-36 Study trip to the United States.

1936 Designs Casa Oro, Naples.

1937-38 Partner of Giovanni Ponti, Milan and editor of Domus.

1938-41 Independent architect, Sao Paolo, Brazil.

1941 Second visit to the United States upon the invitation of the Museum of
Modern Art, New York as the Brazilian winner of an inter-American design
competition. Permanently resides in New York until his death.

1942-43 Associate Editor and Art Director, New Pencil Points (now known as
Progressive Architecture).

1944-45 Director of Apparel Research, MOMA. Guest Director of Exhibitions,
MOMA for "Are Clothes Modern?"

1945 Receives New York state architectural license.

1946-49 Editorial and Art Director, Interiors.

1956 Guest Director of Exhibitions, MOMA for "Textiles U.S.A."

1956-57 Bemis Visiting Lecturer, MIT.

1957-58 Chief Architect and Originator of the United States Government
Exhibitions at the United States Pavilion, Brussels Universal Exposition.

1958-60 Research Professor, Waseda University, Tokyo.

1961 Visiting Critic, Graduate Class of Architecture, Yale.

1961-65 Consultant, Department of Architecture, MOMA.

1961-63 Member, Advisory Screening Committee on Art & Architecture, United
States Government Awards.

1964 Guest Director of Exhibitions, MOMA for "Architecture without

1965 Guest Director of Exhibitions, MOMA for "Japanese Manuscript Maps"
with works from his own collection.

1965-66 Visiting Professor of Art, Yale.

1975 Guest Professor of Architecture, Royal Academy of Fine Arts,

1979-81 Smithsonian Scholar in Residence, Cooper-Hewitt Museum, New York.

1988 Dies in New York.