Alexander, Christopher
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Biographical Note

British architect, theorist and writer

1936 born in Vienna, 4 Oct

studies architecture and mathematics
1956-9 at Cambridge University, England
1960-63 at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA .

1963 at Harvard joint author with Serge Chermayeff of Community and Privacy, a discussion of urban courtyard house-plans by others of the time but which already contains the beginnings of a view of architecture as involving interactive processes rather than finished forms

1963 his first faculty position at the University of California at Berkeley,
later becoming professor of architecture there

1964 publishes Notes on a Synthesis of Form, discussing the use of information theory in planning, with examples from his consulting work in India

1965 April and May, applies similar observations from mathematics to the current debate on lack of complexity in urban planning in the article "A City is not a Tree"

1967 one of the founders of the Center for Environmental Structure in Berkeley, a cooperatively organized research group and practice