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97-07-A Dazzling Cultural Showcase 99-05-A Trio Of Good Architects 99-05-Choosing A Great Designer 99-05-Holl's The One For Library 99-05-Koolhaas Holl Finalists To Design Seattle Library 99-05-Library Is Seattle's Chance To Get Rid Of The Safety Nets 99-06-City Hall Designer Choices Showcase New Kool Seattle 99-06-The Hiring Of Rem Koolhaas And The Shock Of The Shoes 99-07-Government On A Building Binge 99-07-Schell Doctrine_The Art Of Inclusive City-Building 99-08-Architecture Baby Yeah 99-10-Urban-Design Concepts 99-10-Seattle Joins Ranks Of Cities With Vision 99-12-An Example Of Media Hype 99-12-Into A Bold New Age 99-12-Planner Ethereal Project Redefines Function 99-12-Shhh My Little Parakeets The Library Has No Clothes 99-12-Vision Of New Library To Be Unveiled 00-01-Is There A History Section? 00-01-Koolhaas' design is bold, competes on global scale 00-01-Library lovers speak out Rem we just want to help 00-01-Public library Koolhaas design will bury Seattle's common sense 00-01-Urban design Seattle's downtown library 00-02-Koolhaas library design deserve kudos 00-02-Library design 00-02-Urban Desing_Seattle's civic campus 00-03-Seattle's Dome, age 24 relic of a bygone day 00-03-Time to reserve good seats for Seattle's next implosion 00-03-With enough money you can trash a place with sleaze 00-04-A seamless stream of library books 00-04-Aquarium plan design cause for concern 00-04-Bilbao museum won over a conservative city 00-04-Bold Projects Are Sprouting All Over 00-04-Koolhaas wins Pritzker 00-04-Looking for Rem 00-04-There's a lot of Northwest in the 'hip' library design 00-04-Vision Of The Future 00-05-Here & Now 00-05-It's all world class That's just no class 00-05-Koolhaas fans check out refined plans for library 00-05-Success for libraries 00-06-Special to The Times 00-07-Novel look but still for books 00-07-Seattle's central library 00-08-Allen gives $20 million boost to Seattle library system 00-09-Public gets its chance to check out spiral 00-10-Medina Modern 00-11-Prescription for revival of the liberal cause 00-12-The art of architecture 01-01-Liking it or not_council OKs the new City Hall 01-02-The Netherlands_Rotterdam's a hot spot for trendy architecture 01-05-Donnelly's gifts 01-05-Shhhhhssh_Seattle's library is busy evolving 01-06-Central Library doors will close this week 01-06-Library patrons share fond memories on last day of operation 01-11-Recognition overdue_Seattle's trophy librarian 02-02-Library closures set for August and December 03-04-Libraries downtown_at UW earn design awards 03-05-View from 10th floor - institutions still matter 03-06-New public spaces are potent symbols of a confident city 03-07-Innovative engineer of new public library will speak here Aug 6 03-07-The gathering leaves 03-10-Big on Books 04-01-Seattle Municipal Building R I P 1962 - 2003 04-02-New steel and glass library gets finishing touches 04-02-U.S. libraries in a squeeze between budgets needs 04-04-Deference to nature keeps Seattle from becoming world-class city 04-04-Letters to the editor 04-04-Meet Your New Central Library 04-05-A real page-turner 04-05-Anticipation gives way to bustle on library's first day 04-05-Art installations at Seattle's new library intrigue and inspire 04-05-Avant-garde architect reinvents Seattle's new library 04-05-Koolhaas' works 04-05-Patrons flock to Central Library grand opening 04-05-Seattle's LMN architects part of library team 04-05-Seattle's new library_Striking from any angle 04-05-The real star of Seattle's Central Library The books 04-05-TV briefs 04-06-A whole new angle on library 04-06-Acclaimed library disappoints disabled, but corrections promised 04-06-Letters to the editor 04-06-Seattle Public Library's story is a page-turner